My name is Nova!
I'm in love with Alex and I love my cats.
My sister Liliath has a fabulous blog.

i'm not really blogging 24/7
it's just my queue

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"It’s not shaking, and crying, and screaming until your throat burns. It’s not tidal waves of emotions, quickly drowning you. It’s not blood running down your wrists, staining your flesh red. It’s not popping pills, and drinking whiskey. It’s laying in your bed at three in the morning, surrounded by darkness, and staring at the wall. It’s the heavy feeling that settles deep in your bones, the ache in the depths of your chest. It’s feeling guilty that you’ve stayed in bed all day—yet again—but not having the energy to get up. It’s wanting to do better, to be better, but not knowing how to anymore. Most of all, it’s the “out of place” feeling, as though you just don’t belong here anymore, and your time is up."
he asked about my sadness (202/365) by (DS)

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ha ha. dana scully? who’s that? *locket breaks open to reveal picture of scully* haha how’d that get there oh gosh. ok just leaving now let me put on my coat… *pictures of scully begin to spill out of pockets* golly it’s hot in here let me take off my sweater… *t-shirt has picture of scully on it* let me ask my mom to pick me up ha ha *lockscreen has edit of me kissing scully* *sweats*

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 Colorized photograph of Marilyn Monroe, taken by Richard Avedon, 1957
Was not colorized by me.
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thigh obsession
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